Overview of the Les Roches-Roussillon Platform

The Les Roches–Roussillon Chemical Platform is one of the key stakeholders of the "Rhône-Alpes Chemistry Valley" industrial hub. It largely creates basic chemistry products that supply many chemical sites in the Rhône-Alpes region. All of the Platform's firms have their own locations at other sites across the region.

The Les Roches-Roussillon Chemical Platform is a multi-operator platform built on 150 hectares of space, which is home to 15 companies, most notably Adisseo, Bluestar Silicones, Novacyl, Novapex, Rhodia, and Teris.

Logistics & Transport:

Piped-in raw materials : hydrogen and propylene from the Feyzin refinery

River access on the Rhône by barges : benzene, methanol, coal, etc.

Rail access : ammonia

Other available products : phenol, nitric acid

Close to major highways : A7, A46

The dynamic industrial hub, as shown by the past few years of strong growth, is committed to preserving its competitive edge in the economy, which is especially sensitive to the costs of accessing raw materials and energy. Innovation and Research & Development are also essential key factors to make its activities last.

The responsiveness of the companies and the Platform's governance structure made it possible to confront the hardships that industrial activity experienced during the 2008-2009 crisis, through resource pooling and the teams' professional skills.

Roussillon site

Les Roches site

This traditional basic chemistry is necessary, and complements the development of specialty chemistry. It contributes to it by developing processes that consume raw materials and energy more efficiently. The platform has expertise in industrialization and environment/safety risk management. These professional skills mastered by its talent pool are essential in order to integrate and build the innovative processes of the future.

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