History of the Roches-Roussillon Platform

1915-1916 : Creation of Roussillon’s plant, launching of the phenol production.

1917-1920 : Les Roches de Condrieu plant created, Barium salts production workshop started.

1922 : Launching of the cellulose acetate (Roussillon) and phosphates (Les Roches).

1940 : Launching of the nylon intermediates production.

1970-1980 : Diversification with methylchlorosilane, herbicide, methionine and upstream, pharmaceutical intermediates units.

1993 : Two sites combined as a single Les Roches-Roussillon entite (Rhône-Poulenc Chimie).

1999 : Creation of a consortium and six chemical production plants.

2000-2004 : 10 new companies joined the platform, either starting new activities or the purchasing of Rhodia’s units.

2003 : Creation of Novapex.

2007 : Creation of Bluestar Silicones.

2011 : Creation of Novacyl.

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