The Les Roches–Roussillon Platform is dynamic, and the companies that belong to it are solid groups that massively invest for the future.

They are all committed to major strategic plans for their growth :

Subsidiary of the International Group BlueStar

World-renowned expert in animal nutrition

Silicones Subsidiary of Bluestar Company

Subsidiary of the Novacap Group – Salicylic Acid – Aspirin – Paracetamol - Methyl Salicylate

Subsidiary of the Novacap Group – Phenol, Cumene, Oxygenated solvents and Derivatives

Rhodia Operations, member of the Solvay group and world leader in specialty chemical products

Sita Rekem, hazardous industrial waste management subsidiary of the Suez Environnement Group

The UIC (Union of Chemical Industries) is the professional organization that works to benefit member companies It informs and advises them, and provides them with essential tools to properly manage the economic and technical regulations that affect them. It brings together all chemistry companies, and offers them structures for discussions and meet-ups.

The Isère Research and Promotion Agency (AEPI) is dedicated to economic growth in the French département of Isère.

The AEPI leads all approaches aimed at promoting the département and making it more attractive, in order to encourage businesses to set up shop in Isère.