Overview of OSIRIS G.I.E.

The OSIRIS GIE is a Groupement d’Intérêt Economique (Economic Interest Group) that is in the service of the companies located in the Les Roches–Roussillon Chemical Platform..

The OSIRIS GIE manages pooled services and infrastructure. Its purpose is to offer utilities and reliable, cost-effective industrial services to those companies, on partnership terms.

It ensures the coordination and organization of all the Platform's companies with respect to safety, security, environment, logistics, utilities, and energy efficiency.

Missions of the OSIRIS GIE:

The OSIRIS GIE helps improve the competitive edge of its clients and members by:

  • Providing power, utilities, and reliable, competitive industrial services
  • Serving to unify aspects of the Platform (e.g. emergency plan, managing major risks, etc.)
  • Offering solutions to its clients
  • Promoting the collective values of Sustainable Development
  • Recruiting newcomers to the Platform
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