Security / intervention / safety

Our major mission is to preserve the integrity of the Platform's people and equipments.

This mission is carried out by :

  • Preventing accidents to our own personnel and those from outside companies.
  • Preventing major risks and Intervention in all types of accidents, including through managing and updating the POI (Internal Organization Plan)
  • Coordinating the Chemical Platform's HSE approach by organizing a Platform Safety Week or taking the lead on cross-cutting issues.

Besides intervention missions (fire, pollution, gas alerts, first aid, etc.), the security/safety agents also carry out service missions for the Platform's operators :

  • Training in extinguisher use; in wearing SCBAs (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus); in supply firemen.
  • Testing the fixed and mobile fire-fighting facilities: sprinklers, extinguishers, etc.
  • Recharging extinguishers and SCBAS
  • Manufacturing support: help in risky operations.
  • Management and testing of operators' SCBAs
  • Pollution management
  • Video surveillance and watch services, etc.

Our human resources

OSIRIS' Safety Service is made up of about fifty people who are present 24/7 and ready to intervene, aided when needed by about one hundred supply fire-fighters present within the Platform's companies.

The OSIRIS GIE Safety Service also has a Safety warehouse from which outside companies operating on the Platform can borrow safety equipment, such as signage, explosimeters, harnesses, protective suits, masks, and exhaust vents (cobras).

The mobile equipment resources are :

  • 2 Refinery Foam Vehicles that hold 15,000 litres of foam concentrate
  • 1 CO2 Foam Vehicles that serve, among other things, to put out fires in electrical utility rooms.
  • 1 chemical fire response unit
  • 1 Foam concentrate tanker truck
  • 1 VTU (All-Purpose Vehicle)
  • 1 VPCA (Advanced Communications Station Vehicle)
  • 1 Rail Tractor Vehicle used to move the rail cars
  • For all types of equipment (fire hoses, pumps, water cannons, compressors, etc.)

We also have available: 20T of powder and 60T of foam concentrate.

Our equipment resources

The HSE Service of the OSIRIS GIE manages the fire-fighting water network that covers the entire Chemical Platform. The network is supplied by two 600 m3/hr diesel pumps that date from October 2010, supplied by a 2500 m3 water tank. The Chemical Platform has a 15,000 m3 large-incident tank.

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