The GIE's Inspection Service ensures the monitoring of all Platform equipment that is subject to regulatory or voluntary testing requirements. Its goal is to prevent any damage that could be deemed to have significant consequences on the safety of personnel, the environment, or the production of the installations.

Since 1998, the Inspection Service has been officially aproved by the environmental authority (DREAL) to monitor pressure equipment (in accordance with Art. 19 of the decree of Dec. 13, 1999).

Items monitored :

  • 2800 pieces of pressure equipment (boilers, tanks, exchangers, columns, etc.)
  • 670 piping groups
  • 540 aboveground and underground storage tanks
  • 2300 lifting and handling rigs (cranes, hoists, accessories)
  • 90 pieces of working equipment (machines, lifts, gates)
  • 680 pressurized air cylinders
  • 180 hazardous chemical hoses

In particular, this aproval guarantees :

  • the professional skill level of the service provided by certified inspectors
  • independent analysis and judgment,
  • rigorous control over the monitoring process, based on a specific quality system,
  • appropriate independence of decision-making.

The vast technical variety of the equipment that is monitored, and the internal and external sharing of feedback based on experience built over time, allow the Inspection Service to offer high-level technical service.

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