Industrial Mechanical Maintenance

A structure to serve industrial firms.

With the experience it has earned in mechanical maintenance in chemical industrial environments, OSIRIS is now putting all its skills to work for companies through a certified structure. Our commitment is to provide our clients with products and services that fulfil their requirements while meeting the highest-level safety, cost, and reliability goals.

Conditional maintenance :

Preventing failure and helping to understand phenomena are the foundations of conditional maintenance. Suitable tools, sophisticated technologies, and proven skills enable us to fulfil a broad range of requests, using :

  • Vibration analysis,
  • Infrared thermal measurement
  • Ultrasound analysis
  • Amperometric measurement

Mechanical maintenance

Authorized people:

  • Chemical risk (RC1 / RC2)
  • Electrical qualification (HO/BO)
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and MASE certification
  • ATEX directive

Play a role in ensuring the equipment runs properly, analyze observed phenomena, suggest solutions, repair and return equipment in an effective and reliable state: These are the tasks of Mechanical Maintenance.

The 1000 m2 workshop is equipped with resources for :

  • Machining on tool machines
  • Sheet metal work (bending, etc.)
  • Pipes
  • Welding
  • Adjustments and tests before entering service
  • Lifting equipment, including a 5-tonne bridge crane

… Our ambition is to meet all chemistry company needs.


Field of skills

With our experience earned in the field of chemistry, we are capable of servicing :

  • compressors
  • pumps (all types, all capacities)
  • fans
  • agitators
  • gear reducers
  • centrifuges
  • safety valves/taps
  • running-in
  • regulated bearing scraping
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