Energy and Fluids Operational Group

The Energy and Fluids Operational Group (G.E.E.F.) produces, buy, and distributes all power and utilities that the Roussillon Platform's clients need.

Steam production :

Steam production is ensured by multiple boilers that use different fuels: coal, gas, fuel oil. This makes it possible to optimize quality, quantity, reliability, and cost.

Steam production is also ensured by a gas turbine cogeneration unit.

Electricity production:

Key Figures :

  • Steam: 162 MW
    200 tonnes/hr, 32 bar and 6 bar
  • Distributed power: 35 MW
  • Raw water: 145,000 m3/day
  • Natural gas: 1300 GWh/year

G.E.E.F. produces electricity using :

This way, the site has a backup power grid in case the national grid is disrupted.

Other distributed utilities are :

G.E.E.F.'s continuously present personnel ensures, in addition to the production mentioned above, the management and maintenance of the networks that carry these utilities.