The ISO 9001 standard is an international certification standard for quality management systems. It lays out the operational requirements for a quality management system to exist.

The ISO 14001 standard is an international environmental certification standard. It lays out the operational requirements for an environmental management system to exist.

The Company Safety Improvement Manual is a joint reference guide shared by MASE (petrochemical industry) and UIC (chemical industry). MASE certification is a management system whose goal is the constant and continuous improvement of companies' Health/Safety/Environmental performance. It is a system of industrial firms helping firms that seek to:

  • improve safety through a management system adapted to the company
  • get better at organizing and communicating by improving employees' working conditions
  • formulating a shared language in order to grow together
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Les lauréats du lycée François Verguin

    De bons résultats au bac professionnel.  

2018 November 20

Une charte pour le transport

La Plate-forme Chimique Les Roches – Roussillon a réédité sa 17e JDD, le 7 novembre 2018 placée sous le signe des projets, des produits innovants et du transport durable.

2018 November 08

Lycée Verguin

Des investissements pour le lycée Verguin

2018 October 26