Energy and Fluids Operational Group

The Energy and Fluids Operational Group (G.E.E.F.) produces, buy, and distributes all power and utilities that the Roussillon Platform's clients need.

Steam production :

Steam production is ensured by multiple boilers that use different fuels: coal, gas, fuel oil. This makes it possible to optimize quality, quantity, reliability, and cost.

Steam production is also ensured by a gas turbine cogeneration unit.

Electricity production:

Key Figures :

  • Steam: 162 MW
    200 tonnes/hr, 32 bar and 6 bar
  • Distributed power: 35 MW
  • Raw water: 145,000 m3/day
  • Natural gas: 1300 GWh/year

G.E.E.F. produces electricity using :

  • A 12 MW steam turbine.
  • A 46 MW gas turbine.

This way, the site has a backup power grid in case the national grid is disrupted.

Other distributed utilities are :

  • Ground water is particularly used in the fire-fighting network and in cooling for chemical processes
  • demineralised water, which is particularly used to generate steam, nitrogen, compressed air, hydrogen, and natural gas.

G.E.E.F.'s continuously present personnel ensures, in addition to the production mentioned above, the management and maintenance of the networks that carry these utilities.

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